Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life's challenges

Life was at a comfortable stage once
Here we are again challenged by the
Ebbs of numbers.

Economy is the word of the year
Foreclosure very close to it
Follow by unemployment.

I think it should be unemployment
Since this word can causes death?
Demise at the hands of defeat.

In this game of emotions call life
We must have a plan to survive
I thank Joe Gibbs for his advice:

“Game Plan for Life”
Has enriched many lives
With God on our side…

…We can Concorde the world!
Author's Comments :
I love this book. " Game plan for life"

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More quotes from me.

"It is not just the fervor that you play the game with, it also has to do with your sagacious mind"

"A great attitude sets your path for a great future"

"The moment you contemplate are thinking like a looser"

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Heaven Never Runs Out Of Ink

Your words of solace scripted in my head
That your pen of life is running out of ink
As you prepare for your ultimate journey
Living us with the gift of your thoughts.

As I go back and read your verses again
A tale of your life's story comes shinning on
Like a beautiful day on morning's dawn
Your life unfolds like a glorious dew.

Your imagery of life has touched many of us
with your appreciation of earth's nature
Your heart full of love and emotions
You will never be forgotten as heaven's knows.

Heaven never runs out of ink
Endless paper to write your ruminations
Contemplations, reflections, meditations
As earth and heaven's favorite angel.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


"Some how in the nebulous path of life... we grope our way back home."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another one of my quotes

"The quietus of a loved one devalues the fervor for life... and the meaning of life is no longer the same."

Saying goodbye to a great person

The quietus of a loved soul
Devalues the fervor for life
The meaning of life
Is no longer the same.

Just a vessel navigating
Tears of nostalgic memories
With laments secreted
By the lane of deep dismay.

We face the reality
That she’s no longer here
She has touched many souls
Pervading our hearts
With her benevolence
Her angelic gaze
And splendid personality.

With This elegy
We say goodbye
And thank her
For inspiring our lives.

"God bless her soul"

A message from my wife's mother on her birthday

Eyes within the firmament
Gazing down with beams
of love on this special day.

I must take a new form to wish
you a happy bithday !